Spring is [supposedly] here.

In my mind, I am imagining London’s winter frost melting into the puddles that’s destiny is to fertilise the green, bringing forth the first signs of spring... However, I’m on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean [in the Caribbean] writing this, so you should take the preceding sentence as a marvellous work of fiction (or maybe fictitious nonfiction?). But most importantly [for me], whatever the schizophrenic British weather has decided to inflict right now I am thankfully not victim to.

So if you’re reading this then the new site is finally up and running. This will basically be a wordy extension of my Tumblr, showcasing some of the articles I write, videos, editorial shoots, uni work etc.  Hope you enjoy it!

Ps. I’d like to thank HTML codes for only taking me to the bridge and not pushing me to jump x